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How To Shop Online At Konga.com To Get Huge Discounts

Welcome To Konga Shop Assembly

Here, we have diligently varified and made it easier for your online shopping?

What Is Online Shopping?

You may not have heard about online shopping or maybe the statement is still running around in your brain, thinking how online shopping works.
If that is the case, here in 9jahealthline, we will personally get you in hand to teach you how to shop online.

You can stay at your inner room to make an order at Lagos; even around the world and within a twinkle of an eye, it gonna land at that your inner room.

Yes! I know it might sound strange if you haven't done it before.

Days has gone that you ought to travel all the way from your place to Lagos, Abuja or any part of the word to buys things..........

Nowadays, technology has made things very easier for us and also less  expensive

        How To Shop Online

Let's get started on how to shop online....

Shopping online is just as simple as getting inside a supermarket, select your needs, pay then go your way.

The things that you need for the success of online shopping includes:

  • A smart phone that has access to internet
  • Bank Account ( That is loaded with some cash)
  • An ATM card
  • Email address

Having provided the above mentioned, the next is to link with a trusted online shopping center ( such as konga.co

How To Shop Online At Konga To Get Huge Discounts

I have thoroughly examined Konga.com  even making orders from them for about 6 months and will still be making more because I do really enjoy their service of delivery.

Below are how you make orders from Konga.com  without making mistakes, also to get huge discounts.

Firstly, think of what you wanna buy...

As for Konga.com   you can see available goods such as electronics of different types, Automobiles, phones, Laptops, Dresses, Shops,  kitchen Appliances,.........

After having in mind what you wanna buy,  then visit  Konga.com   find or search the category where you can find your need (s), 

Now the secret there is that,  Konga.com considers customers that buys in large quantity than those you buys in small packages.

Assuming that you want to purchase Beauty and personal care items, Or Kitchen Appliances, Or Baby kids toy, Or Electronics Or Laptops Or Phones Or Sport fitness Or automotives Or Fashions Or Others, Ordering for about up-to three to five or above will increases your discounts more other than making only 1 order. 

Now add all your needs on your cart 🛒,then click on the add to cart button.

You will be redirected to another page, there you are to review your selections to be want you want and to know the cost of your orders.

After being reviewed,  then click on the checkout out button.

You will be redirected to another page; there is where your the email address and your phone number will be implied.  In other words, you ought to create an account with  Konga.com using  your email addres, phone number,  your real names then choose your login password.

After filling those forms, then click on the sign up button to proceed.

Next is to verify your phone number; this is to ensure that you are the owner of the phone number.

However, they will send 4 digits to the phone number that you applied with,  ( just minimize and check your SMS inbox, copy those digits then go back to konga to paste it in the required box.


The next is to select your delivery address ( The place to deliver your orders)

After selecting your delivery address, then click on the apply button.

You will be redirected to another page for your payment.

There is where your ATM card will now get implied.

Though there are two options to choose, which are either to pay online using your ATM card or to pay on delivery;  to pay on delivery simply means to pay them on hand when your orders reaches you.

To pay with ATM card, they will request for your card serial number, expiry date and the cvv ( 3 digits at the back of your ATM card).

After choosing your payment method, click on the place order button and that's all........

Congratulations for placing your first order at konga.com.

After those above processes were successful, they will email you or call you to tell you when they will send your orders.

 Why you should shop with konga

They are approved by government and trustworthy guaranteed by people.

They apply discounts on all their goods

They are fast in delivery

Finally, buying from them is very simple to compare others