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The Way To Cook Afang Soup

 Afang soup is one among delicious soup that i personally likes eating. Infact, it's the soup that I such a lot appreciate whenever presented to me. it's so very delicious and palatable but only you cook it because it is been cooked of the way it should be. 

You gonna hate it forever if you didn't get the proper strategies of cooking an afang soup. 

However, never worry if you didn't skills to cook it, albeit you haven't had about this soup before nor tasted it, I gonna pieces the steps within view minutes from now. 


Afang soup

Before we start the journey upon the way to cook this delicious soup, i might wish to allow you to know the origin of the soup...... 

Everyhing that exists has an origin; even you reading this post has your origin, that's your home of origin. 

Now, afang soup is originated Akwa-ibom state of Nigeria. They were the people that found the simplest procedure  for cooking this soup, furthermore, it's their favourite soup to others. 


Things that I'd like about this soup is that  it doesn't require much ingredients, easy to cook but so nutritious.

Below are required ingredients to shop for from the market... 

You can take your pen to write down it down.. 

 1. 6 Handful okazi leaves,

 2.  3 Handful Sliced waterleaves

 3.  10 pieces of meat 

 4. 8 pieces of ponmo 

 5. 2 cups periwinkle 

 6. ,1 big stock fish 

 7. 20cl vegetable oil 

 8. 3 tablespoons of grounded crayfish 

 9. 2 tablespoon of dry pepper 

10. seasoning cubes 

11. ,Water

Ingredients for cooking afang soup

STEP 1 : Grind the okazi leaves and set it aside. Add some predicament to the stock fish so as to make it soft and put aside.

STEP 2 : Boil the meat in a pot and add seasoning cubes, sliced onions and salt to taste.

STEP 3 : Add the stock fish, periwinkle, ponmo to the meat and boil for an additional 5 minutes.

STEP 4 : Add the dry pepper, crayfish and vegetable oil and permit to boil for an additional 3 minutes.

STEP 5 : you'll now add the sliced water leaves and permit to boil for five minutes as seen above.

STEP 6 : Lower the warmth and add the grounded okazi leaves, allow to boil for an additional 3 minutes.

Lastly, Afang soup  can accompany any swallow like Eba, Pounded yam, Fufu etc.

Congratulations, your delicious afang soup is prepared to be dished.

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