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My 6 Tips For You During Pregnancy

Hi guys! today I want to share with you the 6 things you or your wife or your friends should do for a healthy pregnancy experience. 

Yes!  It includes things to and not to do while in pregnant period. 

Taking good care is very important to a pregnant woman because the journey isn't something to joke with, though I haven't been pregnant oh!  But I can understand the journey of carrying a baby for up-to 9 months. Not only on the side of the woman but also the baby itself, yes... Taking good of a pregnant woman also  help the  baby  develop, and keep  the baby healthy.

When taking about good care, it includes good nutrition, less stress, happiness, good environment  and proper antenatal care during pregnancy. 

It is recommended to involve your doctor once you recognized that you are pregnant.

My 6 Tips To You During Pregnancy For A Healthy Pregnancy Experience

1. Eat Very Good

Dear eating balance diet when ever you like during pregnancy is my #1 tip for your...... 

Yes it is absolutely very important for your pregnancy healthy experience,  not just for your good but to the baby too because it will provide you and the baby the essential nutrients for a healthy living. 

In case you don't know what balance diet is ( sorry for the insult shaa😂)

Balanced diet includes eating 

  • Good portion of vegetable
  • Fruits 
  • Carbohydrates like bread, gari rice
  • Protenous foods such as fish (filled with vitamin D), egg etc 
  •  And omega 3 fatty acids.

2. Take Your Supplements

Hey!  Never neglect taking your supplements because it is very very important. 

Supplements are those basically 6 different types of drugs which includes calcium, vitamin c, emvit, multivitamin (ferrous), B complex and lastly folic acid that are normally given to pregnant women by their registered hospital. 

Those drugs are really important and powerful for pregnant women. 

  1. It helps to strengthen you and your baby 
  2. Helps to build new cells for the proper development of the embryo 
  3. Helps to build you with appetite 
  4. Helps to cool your body .

3. Good Personal hygiene 

Yes it is very crucial for pregnant women to be hygienic. Hygienic is the act cleanliness and neatness which implies on the  foods you eat, drinks, wears, and regular bathing.

This helps to protect you and your baby from diseases that maybe contacted due to uncleanliness which may cause severe ugly health status to you and your baby. 

4. Stop smoking Or taking of hard drugs  

Please if you are in the habit of smoking, please and please quit!!! during this pregnancy period because it can cause unhealthy problem to you and your baby, is very dangerous to be smoking or taking  unprescribed medications during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage, low birth weight and premature birth.

5. Minimize your intake of alcohol, just take some little..

Too much of everything is too bad.

You may have been told to be taking alcohol during pregnancy but dear is not in a high quality because alcohol rapidly flow fast to your  baby, your bloodstream and the placenta which may cause serious damage to your pregnancy normal status. .

6. Get time to rest

Over stressing yourself can lead to sudden miscarriage. Yes..... Especially during your early months of pregnant. 

Please always map out a good time rest at least 3 hours in a day before night, be able to be comfortable, You can take a movie and watch or take relax with non-alcoholly drinks.

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