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How To Identify A Quality Semem(Sperm)

To make fertilization happen, a person must be ready to have and keep an erection, have sufficient quantity of sperm that are within the right shape and move within the right way, and have enough semen to hold the sperm to the egg.

A problem in any step during this process, whether on the a part of the lady or man, may make achieving pregnancy difficult and this will cause infertility.

In general, infertility is defined as not having the ability to urge pregnant (conceive) after a minimum of one year of unprotected sex. this suggests that a few isn't ready to become pregnant after a year of trying. However, because fertility in women is understood to say no steadily with age, for ladies aged 35 and older, inability to conceive after 6 months of unprotected sex is taken into account by some doctors as infertility.

Male are solely liable for 20–30% of infertility cases, while 20–35% are because of female problems, and 25–40% are due  to combined problems in both couples. In 10–20% of cases, no cause for the infertility is found.

In this post, we'll examine semen analysis, a crucial and popular lab test for couples having difficulty in conceiving.

Let's discuss what is semen analysis

How to identify a quality sperm

Semen analysis, also referred to as sperm count, may be a simple test that involves checking a sample of semen for overall sperm health and viability.

Semen may be a thick whitish fluid containing sperm (plus sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals) that’s released by the person during ejaculation. In addition, sperm are the male reproductive cells.

A semen analysis check three major factors of sperm health:

• the amount of sperm in 1 milliliter (ml) of semen (sperm count or sperm concentration)

• the form and size of the sperm (sperm morphology)

• the power of the sperm to maneuver correctly (sperm motility)

Why perform semen analysis?

I will outlist two main reasons people may require a semen analysis.

1. Test for male infertility

For couples who have infertility problem, your doctor will recommend semen analysis to see for causes of infertility within the male partner.

While a lady could also be required to undergo several tests, most times the person just has got to have a semen analysis. The test gives an in depth information regarding the semen and therefore the quantity and quality of the sperm.

2. To see if a vasectomy was successful

Semen analysis can also be requested to verify if a vasectomy was successful. A vasectomy may be a surgery performed by a doctor during which the tubes that send sperm from the testicles (where the sperm is produced) to the penis are cut and sealed as a sort of permanent contraception (permanent male sterilization).

After a vasectomy, doctors may recommend that you simply do a semen analysis once a month for 3 months to make sure that there are not any sperm remaining within the semen.

How to ensure correct results?

The results of semen analysis can have far-reaching emotional impact and should be the idea for a treatment plan for infertility.

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Here are what you'll do to urge the foremost accurate results.

1. Conduct two to 3 separate semen analysis and take the typical of the results.

Sperm count from an equivalent individual can vary on a day to day. Therefore, to urge the foremost accurate results, your doctor will suggest you conduct two to 3 separate semen analysis and take the typical of the results to urge an honest idea of sperm health. Experts recommend that tests should be conducted a minimum of seven days apart and over the course of two to 3 months.

However, if the primary test result's normal, there might not be need for a repeat test.

2. Follow the instructions on preparation

Your doctor will tell you what you ought to neutralize preparation for the semen analysis. For accurate results, it's important you follow these instructions, which can include:

• Abstain from intercourse and masturbation for a minimum of two to 3 days before the test. this is often to form sure your sperm count are going to be as high as possible.

• Don’t overdo the abstinence. Don’t avoid ejaculation for quite 2 weeks (some experts say 1 week) before your test. which will end in a sample with sperm that are less active.

• Avoid high heat exposure within the two to 3 months before your test. Exposure of the testicles to high heat can slow sperm production. Avoid activities like sitting during a bathtub, using seat warmers, and high-heat exposure within the workplace. A high fever also can affect your sperm counts.

If you've got been exposed to high heat or experienced a high fever, it can take several weeks for your sperm counts to return to normal. Talk to your doctor if any of these factors applies to you so that your test can be rescheduled appropriately.

• Some experts recommend that you simply avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine, and recreational drugs the week before your semen analysis. It is because these substances may negatively affect your sperm count.

• Allow our doctor realize any medicine you're currently taking, because some medicines can affect sperm health negatively.

3. Collect your semen properly

On the day of the test, your doctor will ask you to supply a semen sample.

Normally, you'll be given a personal room at your doctor’s office and a set cup for you to ejaculate into.

Sometimes you'll collect your semen sample reception and convey it to your doctor’s office.

There are three main ways to gather a semen sample:

• Masturbate and ejaculate into the gathering cup. you'll got to bring a magazine or smartphone to inspire you. this is often considered the well-liked thanks to get an honest sample.

• Sex employing a specialized condom reception. Please do not use any condom—the chemicals (lubricants, powder or spermicide) in regular condoms can damage the sperm sample, distorting the results. Request from your doctor about how to obtain the specialized condom.

• Sex with withdrawal before ejaculation reception. Though this method has some drawbacks – it may have some contaminants, and the first portion of seminal fluid which contains more sperm and is rich in higher DNA quality, and with higher motility, are lost within the coitus interruptus.

• Ejaculation stimulated by electric stimulators.

There are two factors are crucial to having a good testing sample, especially if you have to collect the semen sample at home, these are.. 

• The semen should be kept at body temperature. If it gets too warm or too cold, the results are going to be inaccurate.

• The semen must be delivered to your doctor or lab within 30 to hour of leaving the body.

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What Are The Qualities Of A Good Semen (Sperm)?

The results of a semen analysis should be ready within 24 hours to 1 week counting on the turnaround of various laboratories. 

In conclusion, this semen analysis test result show several factors that are indicators of sperm health and quality.

These factors are interpreted using the World Health Organisation (WHO 2010) reference range.

Lastly, When the results are within the WHO reference range, the semen analysis report is claimed to be normal and this shows an honest sperm quality.

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